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Apartment options for minimum earners are few and far between across Canada; Company claims there is no collusion when it comes to gas prices

Minimum wage workers can only comfortably afford rent in less than 10% of Canada

Minimum wage earners would have to work over 100 hours a week to afford an apartment in Canada’s biggest cities. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reported that 40 hours a week workers can only afford a one-bedroom apartment in 9 per cent of communities in the country. The number drops to three per cent for two-bedroom units. A full-time worker has to make over $33 per hour to afford a one-bedroom in Toronto and Vancouver.

Fuel price competition has retailers lowering prices to near unprofitable levels

A B.C. fuel company is denying price setting between competitors. The Canadian Press reported that officials with Parkland Fuel Corp said customers won’t go to a station that doesn’t have competitive fuel prices. An economist added competition often leads retailers to a race to the lowest prices until they reach unprofitable levels.

Conservatives drop ad after complaints

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The Federal Conservative Party is being criticized after running an ad featuring the two Canadians detained in China. CTV News reported the party has pulled the commercial after complaints from the men’s families. The party also spelled one of their names wrong. The ad criticized Trudeau’s handling of the situation.

Suspected death toll from Japanese animation studio fire reaches over 20

Arson is suspected in a fire that has 23 people confirmed or presumed dead in Japan. The Associated Press reported the blaze engulfed an animation studio in Kyoto. Fire officials said 36 others have been injured and some of them critically. The man suspected of starting it was one of the injured brought to the hospital.

Crowds chant “send her back” at Trump rally

Political analysts believe “send her back” could be a new rally cry every time US President Donald Trump brings up Ilhan Omar’s name. Crowds chanted the phrase at a rally in North Carolina yesterday. It is the latest chapter since Trump told Omar and three other congresswomen of colour to go back to where they came from if they don’t like in in the U.S.

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