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Alberta to appeal mandatory federal carbon tax; Smokier skies expected in Alberta due to climate change

Alberta won’t allow the federal carbon tax to be imposed without a fight

The provincial government is going to fight the federal carbon tax in the Alberta Court of Appeal. It makes the province the fourth to try and prevent it from happening. The Alberta justice minister called it federal interference with the provinces authority to make decisions. The carbon tax is expected to be imposed at the beginning of the New Year.

Climate change leading to more fires in Alberta and smokier skies

Experts said smoky skies could be the new norm for Alberta. That’s what was discussed at the Clean Air Forum Thursday where air quality issues related to wildfires were the main focus. A professor of wildland fire at the University of Alberta believed the blazes would continue, and more frequently, because of climate change.

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Trumps calls off attack on Iran just hours before it was planned to happen

The U.S. planned to retaliate with a strike on Iran for shooting down a drone but backed out. According to The Associated Press, the operation was called off just hours before the U.S. planned to attack Iranian radars and missile batteries. The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump approved the strikes late Thursday, but then called them off.

Patients experience more complication from surgeons who act unprofessionally 

A new study said a surgeon’s personality can affect their patients’ health. Global News cited the study from JAMA Surgery. It said if the doctor has been reported for bad conduct by coworkers, there were increased chances of medical errors and complication for patients. Over 13,500 patients of 200 surgeons were studied.

A breakthrough in Parkinson’s detection should lead to early detection

Scientists have found the earliest signs of Parkinson’s which could lead to faster screening for those at-risk. Apparently, the signs can be detected years before the person shows any symptoms. The disease affects an estimated 10 million people worldwide. Parkinson’s causes problems for patients movement and cognitive capabilities.

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