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Rise in gas prices and carbon tax factors in increased inflation rates; Canadian lumber and steel offered to help rebuilt Notre Dame

Inflation rate rises to Bank of Canada’s “ideal target”

The annual inflation rate for Canada rose to two percent last month. Statistics Canada says residents paid more for mortgages, fresh vegetables and gas but less for hotels, children’s clothing and digital equipment. Economists projected the increase and it is in line with the Bank of Canada’s ideal target. Factors include gas rising in every province and the carbon tax being applied to those that didn’t already have similar systems already in place.

Brain activity restored in dead pigs but no sign of consciousness 

A Canadian scientist is helping raise the dead, kind of. A recent study restored brain activity in dead pigs. The pigs, which had been deceased for several hours, didn’t show any signs of consciousness but neural activity was observed. This line between life and death is being referred to as a “grey zone,” and could have implications for humans.

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Trudeau offers supplies to help France rebuild iconic monument

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris could be rebuilt using Canadian products. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is offering steel and lumber to help restore the iconic church. The Canadian Steel and Forest associations are supporting the Canadian government’s initiative. Parts of the monument were destroyed by a fire in mid-April.

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