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Bylaw officers pushing bicycle safety as part of May BEEP program

As spring seems to have finally sprung, City of Grande Prairie enforcement services officers will be pushing cycling safety as part of their Bylaw Enforcement Education Program.

Bylaws in Grande Prairie say cyclists under the age of 18 must wear a helmet regardless of where they are in the city. The helmet law is something that hits very close to home for Enforcement Services Sergeant. Ross Gear.

“Sure enough my son was actually involved in a collision and I would say the helmet probably saved his life. I’m a great believer in helmets as one of the biggest things you can do for safety.”

Gear says, for the most part, most cyclists stick to trails and sideways. But for those who take to major roadways, a quick reminder that you are considered a motorized vehicle at that point.

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“You have to follow all the rules that any other vehicles follow on the road. That includes stopping for stop signs, red lights, yield signs or anything else.”

Gear says motorists should also show a bit of extra caution when approaching or passing cyclists who are using the roadway.

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