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City looking at permit system for exemptions to four pet limit

In 2013, the City created a rule that stops anyone from owning more than four pets, but that’s not enough for members of the local pigeon racing club.

The five pigeon fanciers say they need around 40 to take part, so Enforcement Services Manager Chris Manuel says they’re looking at adding a case-by-case permit system.

“We understand that there’s likely other pets that the limit of four has some impact on, so we wanted to have something that will capture future requests, not only this request.”

The bylaw in the first place was created after someone complained about their neighbour having dozens of the birds, but Manuel says it was likely the case of one “bad apple”.

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Most places in Alberta simply classify pigeons as livestock, but Lethbridge, Calgary, and Edmonton allow them with some restrictions.

Grande Prairie City Council will vote on adding a permit section to the bylaw at their upcoming meeting.

Photo by Flickr user BROWSER

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