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Changes needed at 102nd Street intersection with bypass

Improvements are on the way for both drivers and pedestrians on 102nd Street and the bypass.

A traffic study has been completed by the City, that Transportation Services Manager Norman Kyle says shows congestion could be remedied in part by a right-in/right-out by Mr. Mike’s at 117th Ave.

“So we’re going to improve the geometry there, because right now, as you approach that intersection, it’s one lane northbound, one lane southbound, and when you get to the intersection, the other side of the intersection is three lanes southbound, two lanes northbound.”

Kyle says they also need to talk with the province about signal times at 116th, as there’s not enough time for pedestrians to cross.

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Much of the trouble started after 102nd Street from 116th Ave to 113th was opened up in 2008.

“The whole bypass signal system hasn’t really been upgraded or looked at in about 10 years, and with the traffic that we have in the city here, we would like to partner with them to work on that.”

Council has included $400,000 in the 2015 to 2018 budget, and they would be looking to cost-share with the province for traffic signals.

Some recommendations could be implemented as soon as next year.

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