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Provincial election candidate questions: How would you make sure the region’s voice is heard in the legislature?

In the days leading up to the provincial election, will be publishing the answers to questions posed to candidates running in the Grande Prairie, Grande Prairie-Wapiti, and Central Peace-Notley ridings. They are published as submitted within a 150 word limit.

Q: How would you make sure the region’s voice is heard in
the legislature?

Grande Prairie

Tracy Allard, UCP 
I will first listen to my constituents and then advocate on behalf of Grande Prairie. I believe Grande Prairie is a key economic driver and birthplace of innovation within the province and deserves to be regarded as such.

Grant Berg, Alberta Party
I would not be whipped by my party. A party whip is the person that makes sure everyone tows the party line. I represent Grande Prairie in a Party that provides that platform to consult and speak for my constituents. It is what a true representative does. I am not a shy person and I really have no problem standing up and speaking out if I feel there is injustice. There are many dynamics at play this election, but one real possibility is a minority government and the balance of power held by the Centre position and the Alberta Party suddenly making us the most powerful party in the Legislature. We would take the self serving and fringe out of bills which ever party wins.

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Rony Rajput, Independent
By making the views of our constituents known by introducing bills and then discussing and debating with
other members and various govt. ministries.

Bernard Hancock, Freedom Conservative Party
No response

Ray Robertson, Alberta Independence Party
No response

Todd Russell, NDP 
My experience as a leader in our community will allow me to advocate for our community. Part of that advocacy for our region is having trust that your party leader will listen. I feel confident that Rachel Notley will continue to listen to our region. She has heard our region and has responded by attracting new value added jobs to our oil and gas industry, right here in our region. She has listened to our region’s need to get a new pipeline built and has championed our cause. Her leadership has had an impact. When Rachel Notley came to office only 4 in 10 Canadians approved of new pipelines. Now thanks to Rachel Notley’s leadership 7 in 10 Canadians approve of a new pipeline. That’s leadership.

Grande Prairie-Wapiti

Terry Dueck, Independent
No response

Shannon Dunfield, NDP 
I have experience building bridges in our communities. It is that experience in bringing people together, in mutual understanding, that I will use to bring voice to our community. At a time where people ae trying to divide us we need to bring people together as one Alberta to accomplish our goals.

Jason Jones, Alberta Party 
The Alberta Party is the only Party that will allow a consistent voice for both political perspectives to be heard in the Legislature. With the free vote, Grande Prairie-Wapiti will be able to properly represent their residents, negotiating a regional presence. Regardless of Party, we will build government support that will represent our united best interests. There are so many opportunities when it comes to maneuvering our voice in the Legislature.

Travis Toews, UCP
No response

Central Peace-Notley

Todd Loewen, UCP 
No response

Marg McCuaig-Boyd, NDP
We need an MLA willing to work with community leaders to get things done, and to speak up for the region. Northwestern Alberta is an enormous source of wealth for our province. We need to ensure we get
our fair share of the benefits of that wealth. I hear from municipal leaders and entrepreneurs that we need better
Internet service in rural areas to ensure that we can support future economic growth.
I hear from seniors that we need more seniors’ housing, more long-term care spaces and more affordable prescription drugs. I hear from young families that we need good schools, affordable child care and good recreational opportunities. I hear from workers that they need fair pay, including overtime pay, and a plan to diversify our energy sector and our economy to create the jobs of the future. Our party’s platform in this election is proof those voices are being heard.

Travis McKim, Alberta Party
No response

Wayne Meyer, Liberal 
No response

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