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Sexsmith council wants no grade changes at St. Mary’s

Sexsmith town council has suggested any proposed changes to grades at St. Mary’s Catholic High School could have long-reaching consequences. Mayor Kate Potter says the Town of Sexsmith will send those opinions as part of an impact statement as Grande Prairie and District Catholic Schools looks to vote on whether or not to close grades 10-12.

The board originally started the discussions for potential changes to St. Mary’s during a meeting in February, citing low enrollment rates.

“It also was a concern to us that if they close the 10-12 now the viability or sustainability of the school in years to come for the other grades might be called into question,” says Potter.

The GPCSD says it has no intention to change any of the other grades at Sexsmith Catholic School, where K-9 would still be offered regardless of the upcoming decision. Potter says on top of the possible sustainability problems, transportation will also be a hurdle.

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“For some of them, they would be having a longer bus ride than adults would have a commute to work around here. We didn’t think that was great, even educationally for them.”

A final decision is expected by the end of April.

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