It looks like winter is not ready to leave Grande Prairie just yet. According to Environment Canada Meteorologist Dan Kulak, people should expect to see some more snow this week.

“We are expecting some snow in the Grande Prairie, Peace River, even the High Prairie regions basically Wednesday night, Thursday and into Friday as well. Grande Prairie maybe five to ten centimetres but the ground is starting to warm up so a fair amount of that is probably going to melt as it hits.”

Kulak says its quite common to see snow in April and into May. Based on 30-year data from 1981 to 2010, an average of 11 centimetres falls in April with three centimetres falling in May.

“We’re still sort of on the tail end of winter, you might think of it as being second winter after having some warm weather and a lot of snow disappearing but we really have to be prepared for at least the next month and into May for reoccurring hits of white stuff.”

When it comes to summer temperatures, Kulak says the city should see a generally warmer than normal April, May and June.