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Capital budget talks are a wrap, operational still to come

A $52 Mil expansion to Revolution Place was one of the projects that didn’t make it into city council’s 4 year capital budget plan on Friday.

City Manager Greg Scerbak says Council couldn’t justify the high cost of the project, which would mean increased floor space for both the Bowes Family Gardens, the loading docks on the arena side, and private suites for the arena.

“Council had a lot of discussion on it, there was great support that the expansion needs to be done, but the timing just isn’t right, right now, because of the high cost.”

Scerbak says there are still funding opportunities available through other avenues, like provincial grants or future city budgets.

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Also included in the four year capital budget: $2.2 Mil for grandstands, lights, and a score clock at the Community Knowlege Campus; $75,000 for a feasibility study for a performing arts centre; and another $5 Mil which will see the Leisure Centre reopen to residents in 2017.

Scerbak says a lot of the debate around the Leisure Centre stemmed from a desire to make sure services are still convenient for Grande Prairie residents north end.

“There was a feeling that a lot of things are focused at the south end of the city. As well, the whole thing with the Leisure Centre is that it will be a little more quiet facility. There was a lot of public support, from seniors for example, for a space that they can go without it being a really exuberant, noisy place.”

In total, the city approved $171 Mil for more than 75 capital projects over the next for years.

Operational budget discussions get started on Wednesday.

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