Monday marked the coldest February 4th on record for Grande Prairie. Environment Canada says it reached a low of minus 43.7 degrees, unofficially passing the previous record of minus 39.4 degrees set on February 4, 1975.

Three other daily weather records were set Monday: the minimum high temperature of minus 34.8 degrees, a minimum windchill of minus 54, and a minimum dew point of minus 48 degrees. The cold weather kept school buses from running, caused issues for airlines at the Grande Prairie Airport, and led to several reports of burst pipes.

A trio of records was also set on Sunday, including a minimum windchill of minus 51, a minimum high of minus 31.4 degrees, and a minimum dew point of minus 44.6 degrees. Saturday saw a record minimum windchill of minus 47 while snowfall and precipitation records were set Friday.

An extreme cold warning remains in effect for much of the province. Environment Canada says wind chills between minus 40 and minus 50 will continue Tuesday morning before moderating in the afternoon and then returning overnight into Wednesday. The cold arctic air is expected to remain through till Thursday.