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TRUDEAU FACES TENSE MEETING WITH PREMIERS; Ottawa feels gun ban may cost too much

Carbon tax likely top grievance to be aired during First Ministers’ meeting

Justin Trudeau will likely be facing off against some angry leaders today in Montreal.
The PM is hosting his fourth first ministers’ meeting and provincial and territorial leaders are prepared to bring their grievances to the table. Doug Ford is the top critic in the group, suggesting he’ll attend the meeting to talk to Trudeau about his job-killing carbon tax.

Report suggests gun ban could cost feds up to $2 billion

Ottawa may avoid an all out gun ban across Canada because it will cost too much.
The Star reports feds are considering other measures, like tougher rules for gun owners and more restrictions. An internal government poll reportedly found 70 per cent of Canadians would support a ban, but the cost to buy back guns could be up to $2 billion.

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Trudeau open to financial assistance for Alberta’s oil problem

Justin Trudeau is open to helping Alberta out with its oil problem.
Speaking with CBC News, the PM said he would definitely consider offering financial support to push more oil out of the province by rail. However, in an interview with Global News, Finance Minister Bill Morneau suggested the expansion of oil by rail could take close to a year to become a reality.

Trudeau says Ottawa’s hands are clean in Chinese executive arrest

Justin Trudeau says Ottawa had no part in the arrest of Huawei’s CFO.
The executive was taken into custody in Vancouver earlier this week. Trudeau says his office was notified about the planned arrest a few days before. The executive is wanted in the US for alleged trade-related crimes and China is calling the arrest unjustified.

Broncos GoFundMe comes in second globally for 2018

Canada’s top fundraising campaign is coming in second across the globe.
For all of 2018, the GoFundMe Campaign created in the wake of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy was the second-highest in the world, raising $15.2 million. It was seven million short of the #MeToo aligned US fundraiser Time’s Up, which raised legal defense funds for women victimized by sexual harassment or abuse.

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