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Park Road speed limit to stay at 50

The speed limit on Park Road in Grande Prairie will remain at 50 kilometres. That’s what Enforcement Services Program Manager Kelly Kokesch said in a committee meeting Tuesday morning. He says he looked at things like prior tickets given out and counter readings to see if the speed limit could be raised on that road but was advised against it.

“Park Road is one specifically that looks wide open. It may give the impression that there is actually a higher speed limit there than 50 kilometres… We decided not to change the speed limit on that road as a result of residences in the area, the park and industrial to the south.”

Two extra speed limit signs have been added to the area to remind drivers that the road is only 50. As part of the report, Kokesch also looked at the number of enforcement services officers who policed that area.

Back in August, a resident came to council saying the number of officers watching that road was excessive. Kokesch says he doesn’t believe that’s the case.

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“They had concerns that there was too much enforcement in that area. I believe it was as a result of a one or two-day operation that we held there. We conducted a study and essentially we don’t believe that the amount of enforcement that we are doing there is excessive.”

He says Park Road has been monitored an average of 13 hours per month over a 12 month period.

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