UPDATE: The heat warning has ended for the Grande Prairie area.

A heat warning has been issued for Grande Prairie and area. Environment Canada warns that the daily temperatures will get to around 29 degrees or above. Overnight, temperatures are forecasted to be around 14 degrees or warmer. These trends are expected to last throughout the weekend.

People should watch for heat stroke and heat exhaustion like high body temperature, lack of sweat, confusion, fainting, and unconsciousness. Seniors and childrens are especially vulnerable as well as people who work outdoors and people with health conditions.

Tips for the warmer weather include rescheduling outdoor activities for cooler times of the day. People should also take frequent breaks from the heat and spend time in cooled public buildings. Drinking water is also important during these warmer times and not leave people or pets in their closed vehicles for any amount of time.

Envinronment Canada issues heat warnings are issued when very high temperature conditions are expected and that could pose a risk of heat illnesses.