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68th Ave twinning project cost goes up

The rainy weather last summer has pushed the cost of the 68th Avenue twinning project up $370,000. Director Horatio Galanti says the price of the project is still coming in under budget but due to more rain days, the price of supervision went up. They use the Environment Canada website to determine if it is a rain day.

“Of course, no one is at fault. We cannot charge the contractor. The engineers should still go on site and conduct inspections.”

He says there were 130 days set for the bridge construction but an additional 62 days will be needed. For the road portion, 152 were slated but the crews will need an extra 128 days to complete the project.

Galanti adds that there was also shallow utilities underground that needed to be moved and other surprises with the infrastructure that pushed the project back.

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“All this additional work demanded more time for the consultant company doing supervision on site. That is the reason for this addition.”

The city reallocated funds from their slope rehabilitation on Bear Creek at $141,000 and a traffic light project at 68th Avenue and CKC East at $295,000. The new total is around $1.4 million dollars.

Galanti says the project is still on track to be complete this upcoming construction season.

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