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Truck route removal possible for residential area of the city

A truck route in a residential area may be removed after being implemented over a year ago. The temporary redirection of heavy vehicles was put into place in May 2014 to allow for construction to be completed on 92nd Street. Trucks were able to use 98th Street in front of City Hall from 97th Avenue to 108th Avenue and along 108th Avenue from 98th Street to 100th Street to pass through the city. There are homes that line 108th Avenue.

The change will allow for less idling in the residential area and it will also reduce the noise for people living in the area along 108th Avenue.

Since construction was completed on 92nd Street in September 2016, council will look at redirecting heavy traffic back along that road. If a truck driver is caught driving along roads that are not designated for heavy traffic, they can receive a fine of $250.00. Bylaw Enforcement Manager Chris Manuel says if they are overweight without a permit it can be thousands of dollars. A Commercial vehicle and trailer combination can’t be over 11,794 kilograms or longer than eight meters on set truck routes. Vehicles are allowed to leave the truck route to load and unload.

The city is also looking at updating their Dangerous Goods Routes to reflect recent annexation of the city. These routes would extend to be via 132nd Avenue from 84th Street to city limits, 108th Street from 60th Avenue to city limits, and 100th Avenue from 124th Street to city limits.

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