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Quebec delegates visit energy production sites in the region

A group of Quebec-based leaders and business people are visiting production sites around Alberta and most recently in Grande Prairie.

Director of Public Affairs with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Gillaum Dubreuil says they have traveled all over to sites including some in Fort McMurray. Yesterday, they visited Seven Generation Energy sites.

“We really wanted to give our delegates, the Quebec participants, a really good idea of the energy sector in Alberta. So they could understand really what happens here, how the energy the rest of Canada uses is produced and what technology is put to use here.”

He says sometimes the west side of Canada gets put in a negative light but seeing the area first hand has given a different perspective for some. Dubreuil adds that some of the visitors were surprised at the state of the sites. One of the participants was under the impression that it would be more dirty.

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“He says ‘I almost expected these drillers with oil splattered across their face and their coveralls and just working in this dirty environment’, and he says ‘instead, that’s no longer true, we are seeing a college grad working behind computers and manning the drilling station but doing it remotely.'”

He believes the biggest improvement that is needed is communication about the energy industry from province to province.

After they complete their tour, they will head back for a round table on their experience. The group of delegates will also be visiting the TransCanada Pipeline Control Centre as well.

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