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Treating fracking wastewater a possibility for Aquatera

The practice of treating and reusing wastewater from hydraulic fracturing is growing, and Aquatera wants to get involved. The company is looking at the possibility of partnering with oil and gas companies to treat their grey water to be use in fracking again. While it’s certainly more environmentally sound, CEO Bernd Manz says industry needs to figure out whether it’s economical for them as well.

“Where they can access raw water, that’s most economical for them currently because they don’t have to go through or pay for treatment and recycling process. It’s if fresh water becomes more scarce or less reliable to access, that looking at recycling would make more sense.”

Aquatera is partnering with Waterstone Energy Services to look into the feasibility of replacing some of the raw water being used in the region. The practice is more popular in areas like Texas where fresh water is harder to find.

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