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Aspen Grove students get unique opportunity to meet an Olympian

Canadian Olympic cross country skier Brittany Webster paid a visit to the Swan city today. She was at Aspen Grove school to meet face to face with the Grade two students that she has been working with all year through the Classroom Champions program. Webster taught a monthly lesson in goal setting and perserverence to the children through video conferencing. She says she was impressed with how the class took to her lessons throughout the year.

“The feedback and the work that they are doing and what I have done to be able to inspire them, I mean being able to see what they have done for goal setting, and even being able to see the transition from where they started and where they finished. But that grade two classroom that Jeanine Hay has been working with, they are really great kids.”

Webster has begun her training cycle for the 2015 worls championships in Finland. She hopes to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, after which she plans to retire.

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