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City looking at forgiving Grande Prairie Storm’s outstanding bill

It’s being recommended that the City of Grande Prairie forgive the Grande Prairie Storm Hockey Club for $89,000 owing from last season from contracts with Revolution Place and rentals at the Coca Cola Centre. This debt was owing from 10 months of the 2015-2016 year.

The Club’s Treasurer Susan Laderoute says they are working on ways to have better revenue which has them working within a very conservative budget this upcoming season.

“We are projecting a loss for the year. Whatever we can do to increase those revenues, we are doing. We wanted to go into the season knowing where we are going to be, instead of projecting higher revenues and not maintaining them.”

The Club is projecting a $169,000 loss for the year ahead but that includes the city contract that could be waived at the next city council meeting. Laderoute explains that they have worked out better contracts with buses and they have negotiated contracts for hotels for when the team is travelling.

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Business Manager Dennis Rix is working on making the team a profitable one and he says he is doing the ground work.

“I have been trying to get out in the community. I want people to know what the face of the Storm is and right now that is me until the players get back in town…getting to know the people and business owners out there. I hope that will make people want to support us as well.”

He adds that they will be branching out from just oil company sponsorship and diversifying where they look for the support from. Rix has made it known that local talent is a focus for the Storm this year and since he doubles as the Assistant Coach, he is working on making that happen for the team.

Usually the team only has one week of camp but Rix felt there was enough interest and support for two weeks of camps this summer. The first one will be held in August.

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