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A new week to highlight social work in the city

A week dedicated to highlighting Social Work in Grande Prairie will kick off on Monday February 29th. Area Coordinator for the Alberta College of Social Work Monique Sundlie points out the importance of bringing this new week to the Swan City.

“Social Workers in Grande Prairie have felt some disconnect from the province, whether it is in Edmonton or Calgary, the more populous areas. We have really tried to increase the visibility of the Social Work profession in North Western Alberta.”

During the week there will be a workshop for Social Workers to keep up their competency.

“We are hosting that workshop which is about understanding the impact of residential schools on people inter-generationally. Not just people affected by residential schools, but families, communities, and Grande Prairie itself, who are affected.”

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Sundlie says it is important to note that Child Welfare Workers are not the only types of Social Workers. Therapists, Case Managers, and people who work in clinics can also be considered under this title.

Along with Sundlie, Area Coordinator Mieke de Groot presented the need for the new week to City Council. A proclamation was made at the February 22nd meeting to officially have “Social Work Week” announced in the city.

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