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Most Albertans do not smoke: AHS

It is National Non-Smoking Week and Alberta Health Services is raising awareness in the province about the dangers of tobacco. Health Promotion Facilitator, Michelle Hodder says the common thought is that there are a lot of smokers in Alberta.

“Often times, the perception is that more people are doing it than actually are. It is nice to point out that the majority actually are not smoking.”

Hodder says if you are looking to quit or reduce smoking, there are clinically tested ways like over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies. She adds that according to research, things like Hookah and water pipes are not a safe alternative to smoking because they still contain chemicals.

“We are seeing a trend with the electronic cigarettes, the hookah and the water pipes. The misconception is that they are safe and we want people to understand there are still hazards around those products.”

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Hodder says the best way to start the road to quitting is to visit the or call 1-866-710-QUIT.

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