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SPRC to mark International Survivors of Suicide Day

The Suicide Prevention Resource Centre is hosting an International Survivors of Suicide Day event tomorrow morning for those in the community who have lost a loved one to suicide. Program Coordinator Faris Atkinson says when people who have lost a loved one to suicide get together and share stories about them, they’re offering hope.

“People who have maybe just recently lost a loved one can hear the ways that other people have managed to survive this kind of a loss. It’s a place to share your stories about your loved one that you lost, how they impacted the world, and how they impacted you.”

Atkinson says survivors day helps facilitate a conversation around suicide and mental illness, things she says are extremely important to talk about as it can help create more opportunities for people to seek the help that they need.

“Whether it is help with a mental issue or overwhelming stress, if people can actually reach out and get the help they need without fear of being stigmatized, that is our hope because this is about preventing suicide and supporting people who have lost loved ones.”

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There are a number of activities planned for tomorrow at the resource centre, the highlight of which Atkinson says will be a documentary viewing.

“We will be watching a documentary and it will be watched by people across the world for the first time, at the same time. It will be about families and their journey through their experience with losing a family member to suicide.”

There will also be a sharing circle and a candle lighting during tomorrow activities. Survivors day is being held at the new Suicide Prevention Resource Centre location in their new Nordic Court location tomorrow morning from 9 am to noon.

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