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Liberals introduce Grande Prairie-Mackenzie nominee

The Liberal Party of Canada has found their candidate for the Grande Prairie-Mackenzie riding in a 30 year old salesman here in the city.

Reagan Johnston says he is a lifelong liberal who loves his community and wants to represent it at a federal level.

“I believe that I’ll be a true voice for the people of Grande Prairie and represent them properly because of my age and the demographic of Grande Prairie and this area. Do I have an economic background? No, but what I do have is the passion and the will to do good things for the people of Grande Prairie.”

Johnston moved to the city from New Brunswick 10 years ago and says the city has welcomed him with open arms and become his home. He is currently in the process of collecting the necessary signatures to become an official candidate.

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He currently works as a car salesman at Grande Prairie Volkswagan and is one of five candidates that have put their names forward so far in the Grande Prairie-Mackenzie region. When it comes time to debate with the other four, Johnston says he is particularly interested in discussing the welfare of seniors, middle class, and mentally ill Canadians.

“My heart bleeds for the voiceless voters and I want our middle class thriving. I was just talking to a lady at the gas station who was saying she has to work almost three full time jobs just to make ends meet. I think there’s some issues that we need to sit down and talk about. A person in Grande Prairie, Alberta who is middle class shouldn’t have to work three jobs just to make ends meet.”

Johnston says he is looking forward to hearing the perspectives of the other candidates, which include Libertarian Dylan Thompson, the Green Party’s James Friesen, Saba Mossagizi for the NDP, and Conservative incumbent Chris Warkentin.

Canadians go to the polls on October 19.

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