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Why does your water taste funny? Aquatera addresses “earthy” springtime tap water concerns

It’s that time of year again when Grande Prairie’s water gets a familiar, sometimes unpleasant smell and taste during the spring, but Aquatera says this is nothing to be concerned with.

Every spring, Grande Prairie residents can expect their water to take on what is described as an “earthy or chloramine” smell and taste.

According to Aquatera Utilities, the warmer weather conditions often lead to spring run-off getting into the city’s water supply. Officials say this is due to additional water from the snow melt getting into the Wapiti River (the city’s water supply), often bringing with it decomposed organics such as grass and leaves from the winter.

Additionally, Aquatera credits a faster river flow from the melted snow leading to silt and debris getting into the water supply.

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Rest assured, Aquatera says the water remains “completely safe” to drink; however, some residents may wish to get rid of the unpleasant taste altogether.

As a result, Aquatera suggests running taps longer before consumption, filling water pitchers to be kept in the fridge, or squeezing lemons and other fruits into the water to mask the taste. Odours coming from the drain or sink can be solved using household drain cleaners to reduce the smell.

Aquatera says the problem is only temporary and should be over within a matter of weeks, depending on consistent weather conditions.

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