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Aquatera temporarily pauses infrastructure charges for multi-family developments

In response to rising costs of living for families in Grande Prairie, Aquatera has announced a temporary pause on infrastructure charges for new multifamily developments connected to Aquatera infrastructure.

The infrastructure charge was initially implemented in 2005 as a contribution to new development towards the costs of providing water and wastewater infrastructure to support community growth.

Aquatera CEO says the decision to pause the charges comes as an effort to promote economic development and growth in Grande Prairie.

“This decision is part of our ongoing commitment to stimulate economic development, promote sustainable growth, and support the development of affordable housing in the region,” he says.

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Beginning immediately, Aquatera will implement a two-year relief on infrastructure charges within the Grande Prairie region in support of the construction of new multifamily developments such as apartment buildings, duplexes, and attached dwellings.

According to the utility provider, multifamily residence applications received after February 15th, 2024 through December 31st, 2025 will be eligible for the program.

Aquatera says the water meter fee will still be applicable to cover the cost of installation of an “appropriately sized” meter, determined by the company when considering average monthly consumption, demand, and range of flows.

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