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Coordinated Care Campus renamed “Cedar Point” by GP City Council

“Cedar Point” has been unveiled as Grande Prairie City Council’s choice for the official renaming of the Coordinated Care Campus facility.

According to the city, the name was chosen as a traditional one that symbolizes resilience and strength. Officials say the city believes cedar is a “strong reflection” of the facility and the ways it supports unhoused residents on their journeys to stable housing.

Councillor Grant Berg sat on the naming committee and says after a lengthy process, cedar topped the more than 20 different choices on the list.

“One of the things we wanted to talk about or address was a connection to the land, a natural environment, and a healing environment so we discussed a variety of different trees because they’re rooted, strong, they are shaped by the weather but they’re resilient,” he says. “When we were discussing different trees, cedar was a natural one, it is used in smudging, it is hardy, it’s a beautiful tree.”

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Berg adds that while the tree’s connection to the land was a significant influence on the name chosen, addressing the Coordinated Care Campus’ “corporate” reputation was considered during the process as well.

“It’s also about creating a beautiful environment, we didn’t want a name that was very corporate like the CCC or something that was just alphabet soup, we wanted to be addressed by a positive name that is stigma-free.”

Officials say the new name aims to create a sense of belonging for residents and reflect the multi-use purpose of the facility and the potential for additional expansion.

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