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Regulations on driveway widths now in place

After lots of back and forth with home builders, the city now has standards for driveway widths. Driveways will be restricted to 60 per cent of a lot’s width, unless they’re attached to a three-car garage.

In that case, they can be up to 70 per cent of the lot width, and three-car garages can only be built on properties bigger than 44 feet wide. The argument is that the lifestyle of Grande Prairie residents leads to more and bigger vehicles, along with RVs and other toys.

The land use bylaw amendment was made by city council Monday night, although it wasn’t passed unanimously. Mayor Bill Given admits that while it isn’t perfect, it’s better to have regulations in place than not. Changes can also be made in the future.

There is no limit on how many three-car garages can be built in any area.

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