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Dust control applications open to MD of Greenview residents

Dust Control applications are open for residents in the Municipal District of Greenview. Residents and property owners in the M.D. can apply to have a dust control agent put on gravel roads around their homes and property to cut down on the dust in the air. The M.D. uses Calcium Chloride as their dust control agent.

The cost is split between the M.D. and the resident, and the cost is calculated by the length of the road. A 200-meter stretch of road will cost the resident $375 if they apply before the application deadline, if they apply after the deadline it will cost $500. For roads on Multi-Parcel subdivisions, a 100-meter stretch of road is $250. An additional meter of road above the 100 and 200 meters will cost $6.55. To apply Calcium Chloride to 200 meters of gravel road will cost the M.D. $1500 minimum.

The application deadline for dust control is April 17th, 2023. Applications are available online and can be submitted to the M.D. of Greenview administration building.

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