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City focus for 2023 is to increase quality services: Mayor Clayton

Grande Prairie Mayor Jackie Clayton says i the New Year, Grande Prairie City Council will be focused on increasing quality services to Grande Prairie residents. Clayton says the council will also focus on advocating for the region’s current and future needs.

“We hear on a regular day that the retention of the existing healthcare professionals, as well as the attraction of new ones, is the number one priority in our region,” Clayton says.

Another priority on that list is addressing the high distribution and transmission rates. Clayton says with the continued increase because of inflation, and the cost of everyday goods like groceries and gas continuing to get more expensive, electricity is not decreasing anytime soon.

“Across the province there is disparity, the big cities pay significantly less probably about a third of the distribution fees and transmission fees that we do in the rural areas.”

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Clayton says with the energy hub being in the peace region, the prices don’t seem fair or realistic.

She adds she looks forward to continuing to work with residents, the city’s municipal partners, the business community and the non-profit organizations in the region in 2023 to continue the city and region’s growth and success.

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