Nicole’s Cancer Fund


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Our friend Nicole has received the most soul draining news any of us can get… she has cancer.

It’s an aggressive form of invasive ductal carcinoma. If that was not devastating enough, it’s growing fast, so it means the medical response has to be even faster. Nicole’s doctors have to get it out before it spreads.

On October 2, 2020 Nicole will be undergoing a double mastectomy here in Calgary. She has received tests showing her biomarkers are not good and intensive chemotherapy will follow after surgery. Reconstruction surgery is something Nicole and her medical team will decide further down the road. It is a long road and she needs our help.

With how fast all of this happened to Nicole, it’s been a blur. As we all know Nicole is a ball of energy, always working as hard as she can. Not only does her busy life need to slow down, it’s come to a complete halt for her to focus on fighting this and winning. As a personal trainer, she will be unable to work while recovering. She needs to be face to face with her clients which will be impossible.

Nicole has not had any time to prepare for this as it has happened so fast. Please help ease the burden on her for rent, food, medical bills, parking at the hospital and all the other untold expenses that come into fighting for your life. In a month Nicole has been placed into another reality. Help bring her back into our reality.

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