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Former Grande Prairie councillor Wade Pilat looks to return to the political table

A year after deciding not to run as an incumbent, Wade Pilat is looking to reenter municipal politics as part of the October 17th byelection.

Pilat, who served a full term from 2017-2021, says he is for the most part aligned with the process and strategic plan that current members have set out to achieve. However, he says there remains a feeling of unfinished business when it comes to time as a public servant.

“A year pause has kind of given me a direction change in a few things that I probably would have like to push out a little bit more… I just think there are things that I didn’t get done the first term that I’d like to come back and finish up,” he says.

“I was a pretty big part of a lot of the decisions, important ones, I felt, last term so I’m looking forward to possibly getting back around the table, debating, deliberating and doing it all again.”

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Pilat says during his last term, he had tried to work with the business community a lot, and was very business focused, and whilst that will still remain a hallmark of his candidacy, he is hoping to expand his reach within the municipality.

“But, I think here is going to be a lot more focus on community pride, and some others thing I maybe have a little bit more of a different lens on than maybe I did even a year ago,” he adds.

The byelection was called for October 17th, following the passing of John Lehners, who was elected to council in 2021.

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