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More than 1K people attend Pierre Poilievre event in Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie — Mackenzie MP Chris Warkentin introduced Pierre Poilievre to a crowd of more than one thousand people at Bonnetts Energy Centre in Grande Prairie.

Poilievre says he’s absolutely thrilled to see such an amazing turnout on Tuesday and that he feels that people are ready to take back control of their lives after what he calls years of being controlled by the government.

“They are joining my effort to make Canada the freest country on earth. People lost medical freedom through vaccine mandates, the government’s ongoing attack on freedoms of speech, and inflation is making it impossible for people to afford food, housing and fuel.”

Poilievre is putting forth a plan to tackle inflation, something that he feels many people are struggling with.

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“The reason we have inflation is that the cost of government is driving up the cost of living. A half-trillion dollars of inflationary deficits means more money chasing fewer goods. Inflationary taxes make it more expensive to produce those goods,” says Poilievre. “The more the government spends, the more things cost. I’m going to bring government spending down to an affordable level. I’m going to pass a law capping spending so that politicians must find dollar savings for every dollar they spend.”

Poilievre adds that if elected, he plans to eliminate the $35 billion dollar infrastructure bank and defund the CBC, aiming to save approximately $1 billion dollars.

Following his speech to a loud and energetic crowd, Poilievre met with hundreds of people afterwards. He says he heard a lot of the same things.

“They want a fair deal for Alberta. Liberals in Ottawa have told Alberta to pay up and shut up. That’s going to end when I’m Prime Minister. We’re going to make the system fair, eliminate the anti-energy laws so that Alberta and the west can lead the world in producing the most ethical energy on earth.”

Poilievre is one of six candidates in the running to take over the leadership position in the Conservative Party. A leadership vote will be held on September 10th.

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