Transit services looking to revamp their long term master plan for Grande Prairie

The city is considering a total overhaul of Grande Prairie’s transit operations. Transit services is hoping to move forward this year with a Master Plan Update, that would forecast community growth and needs over the next 5 to 10 years. Department Manager Jason Henry says the transit system needs to meet Grande Prairie’s ever growing population and area.

“We’re not able at this period in time to cover the entire city and to cover all the new employment developments and we’re looking at increasing service to the Eastlink Centre, which is now a huge destination point, the GPRC has always been one as well.”

Henry says he’s not sure yet what the review would look at, but he has a few ideas.

“I’m hoping that our service hours get a good looking at, increased service hours particularly on the weekends, service coverage to reach, you know, O’Brien Lake and certain other areas that we don’t reach currently, and possibly look at the frequency of our scheduling.”

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Council will decide whether or not to approve the $100,000-120,000 review at their next meeting.

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