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Grande Prairie family searching for support ahead of boy’s second brain surgery

A Grande Prairie family is searching for support as their son gets ready for a second brain surgery operation. Fundraiser Organizer Jackie Fadden says this has been an ongoing issue for the boy and his family.

“Evan Lovean just turned 14 in January. He sustained a vaccine injury when he was quite young, about six months old. That’s when the seizures started. From there, he had his temporal lobe taken out in 2011, which did stop the seizing for a little while. During that time, he developed Cerebral palsy,” she says.

After his last MRI, the family found out that he has a cyst on his frontal lobe as well.

“That’s what prompted the surgery. They have to drill a little hole into his skull and put in a transducer to measure the pressure, which will take about two to three days. After that, they’ll decide what they need to do for him,” she says.

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Fadden explains that in addition to their son’s upcoming surgery, the family is under a lot of stress.

“His mother Lisa just got let go from the job she had. They’re down to just income from her husband, which is why I wanted to set up the go fund me. They did not qualify for Ronald McDonald House and are in need of a place to stay for the 10 days in Edmonton,” she says.

Fadden has known the Lovean family for more than ten years and she has nothing but good things to say about Evan.

“He’s an amazing kid. He’s always giving people compliments and you can really feel his presence in a room. 2day FM is his favourite radio station and he absolutely adores Kyle and the Smile of the Day.” she says.

Evan’s surgery is scheduled for April 6th in Edmonton. For more information, or if you would like to donate, visit the gofundme page.

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