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Warkentin sounds off on Trudeau invoking Emergencies Act

Grande Prairie—Mackenzie MP Chris Warkentin says the use of the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canadian history is an overreach, and not necessary.

Warkentin says the move by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on February 14th, which he says is also being panned by constitutional experts, is simply too much.

“This Emergency Act is the successor for the War Measures Act, which had only been used a few times during the Second and First World War, as well as in response to the FLQ,” he says.

Warkentin says that Trudeau’s intentions are clear and his lack of action to this point is telling.

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“This is his attempt to stamp out people that are calling him out. I believe that the Prime Minister is taking Canada down an unprecedented road, which I believe most Canadians find unacceptable,” he says.

Warkentin feels Trudeau needs to start coming up with a plan for removing mandates and restrictions, as other provinces like Alberta have started to lay out.

“Most of our allies in Europe have done this, putting out clear plans to indicate to their citizens how they are going to unwind from the COVID-19 restrictions that are in place. We haven’t seen that from Trudeau,” he says.

Warkentin says according to recent polls a good number of Canadians feel the mandates should be removed.

“We know that over 63 per cent of Canadians that have been polled want to see the mandates ended in their totality. I think it’s important for the Prime Minister to meet with people that are concerned, rather than shut them out,” he says.

On February 8th, the Alberta government announced a plan for removing restrictions in the province, starting with dropping the Restrictions Exemption Program. Premier Jason Kenney also signed a letter of support for ending the cross-border vaccine mandate for truckers.

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