The annual London Drugs Stocking Stuffers for Seniors Program has sold out in 2021, but officials in Grande Prairie say those who want to help bring some holiday cheer to seniors around the community can still do so.

Assistant Store Manager Candice Fletcher says since the launch of the program in November, they’ve been overwhelmed by the support from the community.

“All of the tags on our tree are gone… we had over 600 seniors this year in the Grande Prairie area… so we are just waiting for more [gifts] to come back in, and then the senior’s homes will come to pick them up and deliver them,” she adds.

Partnering with the Grande Spirit Foundation, some of the gifts will also support some of the continuing care homes in the rural communities surrounding Grande Prairie. Fletcher says most of the seniors are asking for slippers, socks, hygiene products, and large puzzles. She adds despite the over 600 stockings already being filled, she knows there is still an opportunity for those to help who weren’t able to take part in the campaign.

“Sometimes the tags get lost and don’t come back, so if anyone wants to do a donation towards a stocking, and buy the basics like blankets and slippers and things like that, they’re more than welcome to bring them into our customer service desk and we will make sure they get to the seniors,” she adds.

The deadline to drop off gifts for the Stocking Stuffers for Seniors program is December 10th.