Some real estate is available for food and beverage providers in Grande Prairie, including space available at Bonnetts Energy Centre, Dave Barr Community Centre, and Ernie Radbourne Pavilion at Muskoseepi Park.

The city is looking for a new concession and catering provider for Bonnetts Energy Centre, which they say must be able to service multiple concessions and handle large catering requests at the same time. The catering provide will be in charge of providing food and beverage service to all guests, including venue rentals, and tour groups. Applications for the space are being accepted until November 25th, 2021.

The kitchen space at Dave Barr Community Centre is also available, with a rate of $950 per month, including utilities and common are costs, for a three-year term, including a one-time renewal option. The kitchen is 300 square feet and presents an opportunity. Applications are being accepted until November 25th, 2021.

The final space available in the city is the 375 square foot kitchen at Ernie Radbourne Pavilion in Muskoseepi Park. The space is being offered for $950 a month, including utilities and common area costs. Businesses interested have until November 26th, 2021 to apply for the space.

Hours of operation for all three spaces are still to be determined and will be proposed by the businesses interested in the available spaces in the city. For more information, or if you would like to express interest in any of the available spaces, visit this link.