As the snow made Monday morning’s commute a bit of a slip-and-slide for many, the Grande Prairie RCMP is reminding drivers that there is no time like the present to get into that winter driving mindset.

Sergeant Shawn Graham says while the snow might not stay this time, slippery roads early in the morning, and things like fog can all pose driving challenges no matter how much experience someone has behind the wheel.

He adds first things first winter tires are a must when it comes to preparing your vehicle for the winter months.

“I think what happens a lot of time is snow will hit, and we continue driving the same way we’ve been driving for the last six months, we just have to kind of force ourselves to slow down,” he adds.

Sgt. Graham says in addition to switching over their tires, drivers can also help protect the safety of others by clearing their car of any snow before heading out. Graham says it’s easy to overlook some parts of the vehicle, but, it could lead to an unsafe drive.

“Get that snow off, because if it stays on there and you drive away will fly off onto other vehicles and could be a hazard for other vehicles or a distraction,” he says.

“You have to have that unobstructed view from your vehicle to ensure a safe driving environment for everyone.”

Graham suggests drivers should also carry an emergency kit throughout the winter months, which includes items like blankets, candles, water, and food, in case you’re finding yourself stuck in your vehicle for an extended time.