Grande Prairie RCMP handed out suspensions and fines to 13 drivers in the region on Halloween night on a one-day impaired driving blitz.

Of the 13 drivers, authorities say 10 of the incidents were alcohol-related, including seven Graduated Drivers Licence holders not obeying the zero-tolerance limit on alcohol while driving.

Grande Prairie Constable Lindsay Ralph says proactive traffic patrols are part of the traffic safety strategy in the region, especially when it comes to long weekends or busier than expected days.

“They can do check stops, and things like that… but they do like to get out if it’s a long weekend, or there will be more people on the roadway, just to make sure everyone travelling on the road is safe.”

“If you’re going to be operating a motor vehicle, it’s best to remain sober, travel safely on the roads, and do everything you can to protect yourself, and those around you.

“Certainly we wouldn’t want to see any more serious things occur such as a collision or anything like that,” she says. “Just a reminder to the public that we just want sober drivers and safe roadways.

Three drivers received fail suspensions, which means the drivers are prohibited from driving under any circumstance for a 90-day period, are handed a 12-month driver’s licence suspension, slapped with a $1,000 fine, and receive a 30-day vehicle seizure.