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PPC candidate Shawn McLean vows to stand up for constituents

Grande Prairie—Mackenzie People’s Party of Canada candidate Shawn McLean says he is running in the 2021 federal election to stand up for what he calls Canadian freedoms.

McLean, who works in the oil and gas sector, says voters in the upcoming election have a vital choice to make as to who will lead the country out of the COVID-19 pandemic. He adds the job done by the previous government and the work by the opposition has fallen well short of what’s needed.

“Things like vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines, it scares the majority of Canadians, and if Canadians are actually voting with their conscience and their values this election, they’re going to replace the government and official opposition that we have,” he says.

He says things like vote splitting, which he believes is a topic often brought, is just a way for some parties to keep people voting for them.

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“That’s pretty much just a cry by the conservatives, in my opinion, into voting what they believe.”

“That’s what they sold us the last election, and as a result, we ended up getting the worst government and opposition in history, in my opinion.”

The 2021 federal election will take place on September 20th.

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