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Marketing Minute – Traditional Media

Let’s talk about traditional media, what that is, and how we can combine it with new media!

At 2day FM, we pride ourselves on being able to provide robust marketing solutions that combine traditional and new media strategies! We combine radio, digital, and social media solutions to maximize your message!

Traditional media is considered to be billboards, print, television, and radio – tactics that advertisers have been using for decades. These tactics use visuals and/or creative messaging to entice consumers to take action and create brand awareness. The strength of traditional media is that it attracts mass audiences of various backgrounds, interests, and demographics.

The specific strengths of radio as a traditional marketing tactic are:

  1. Immediate delivery of message – Campaigns can start promptly; the implementation strategy is simple – pick your plan, set up your account, commercials are created, and you can start your campaign in as little as 72 hours! Your marketing rep is your radio “sherpa” and will lead the way to help you maximize your campaign while keeping the process simple.
  2. High frequency of messages – You ca repeat your commercial several times per day! Radio: the original creators of the algorithm! Your marketing rep can recommend whether a high frequency campaign to encourage a call to action or lower frequency, long term branding campaign is recommended for your marketing goals.
  3. Target selective local audience – Radio guarantees your local audience has the ability to engage with your message at NO COST barrier to the listener and you have the ability to target the message to the format of the radio station. Radio stations have different formats that attract different audiences with their music selections, on-air announcers, and content. Marketing reps are able to inform you about their station’s listeners and why they may be a good fit for your products/services. Grande Prairie is an unrated market and we are not able to provide formal reports about who is listening to us. However, we can provide you with demographics and stats so you can make the most informed decisions for your radio campaign.
  4. Low cost production – Creative writing services and production services are included in your campaign and come at no additional cost to advertisers.
  5. Reach an exclusive and captive audience – Radio and traditional media in general are meant for a BROAD audience, making sure the masses are aware of your products and services and creating brand awareness within the community. Often, this audience is mobile! 

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With the birth of the internet, new marketing tactics have emerged in the form of social media and digital ads. You will see these digital ads while you are scrolling through your favourite social media platforms, researching products in search engines, and browsing websites. Digital marketing has taken the same idea of visuals and creative messaging one step further by targeting specific audiences. offers advertisers a way to use their visual brands with digital ads, live streams, online contests, or site “takeover” options. boasts a large local audience in the Grande Prairie region and had more than 2.8 million page views in 2020!

Another amazing perk to having a digital campaign is digital reporting! Digital ads are trackable; we will provide you with an accountability report and you can see how many impressions (eyeballs) and how many clicks you received EACH DAY! They are highly accountable, highly trackable, and your production costs are also included with your campaign. We will help you pick the right product, creative messaging, and visuals to maximize your digital campaign!

Why should you consider combining your traditional and new media tactics? When you combine radio ads with a visual digital product, you’re able to increase brand awareness and loyalty with a local and engaged audience. Not everyone who listens to 2day FM will visit and vice versa, but, for those consumers who do, you have doubled your touch points! They will literally see your message everywhere.

These increased touch points with consumers strengthen your brand and encourage action, whether that’s coming to your sale, visiting your website, or following your social media pages. The ultimate goal is to create brand loyalty with your local customers, generating referrals, positive reviews, and returning clientele.

Want to find out if radio and/or digital advertising is right for your business?

Contact 2day FM today to book a no-obligation meet and greet to learn more! These meet and greets are meant to be informative and a no pressure opportunity to learn more about your business and how we might be able to help with your marketing goals.

Got a question or a top you would like us to cover? Use the form below and let us help you!

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