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Hythe Fire Department transitioning to county fire

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With the Village of Hythe officially dissolving into a County of Grande Prairie hamlet on July 1st, the Hythe Fire Department will be a big part transition plan.

Hythe Fire Department Fire Chief Matthew Fisher says while details aren’t set in stone, he believes they will follow alongside the transition with the rest of the municipally operated services.

“Once the village is officially dissolved, more or less, that will be the start of the changeover and it will take a little while to get everything integrated together and it will take a little while to make it all happen.”

The Hythe Fire Department has been providing service to the village for over 92 years, Fisher says they will still be counting up to hit 100 years of service.

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“I’ve heard that it’s important to the county that we keep our own identity ourselves and we continue to count to 100, but we will be a county station and with that, we will count up their number, for as long as they’ve existed as well.”

Fisher says residents can expect no interruption in service when the transition occurs and believes they will be able to serve the community at large even better than before.

“We will continue to operate out of the station we’re in now, and the village which will be a hamlet and the surrounding county we’re responsible for now will not see an interruption in service, things will continue on normal.”

Fisher says the chain of command will look slightly different as their department will begin to report to the County Fire Chief and the County itself when the village dissolves. He adds this will help bring more benefits to the soon-to-be hamlet.

“Obviously there’s always a little bit of nervousness just for some of those unknowns but, for the most part, it’s going to mean more resources for us.”

From previous news, the Village of Hythe will officially dissolve as a standalone municipality and transition into a hamlet on July 1st. The dissolving of the Village of Hythe was made official following an order in council approved by the provincial government on Wednesday.

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