Classic car enthusiasts in the Grande Prairie region will be showing off their collection this weekend, with an eye wrapping up seniors week with a bang.

Event Organizer Sheri Carter says they will be driving to several retirement homes in the region to show off their cars and show their appreciation for seniors.

“We’re hoping to bring some joy or our seniors because they’re a big pillar to our community,” she adds.

Carter says the plan is to hit several homes in Grande Prarie, before heading out towards Beaverlodge, Hythe, Sexsmith, and Clairmont retirement facilities. She adds that seniors can choose to either watch outside on the street or from the comfort of their homes.

“If they can get out, we’re happy to have them outside  and if they can watch from the windows we’re happy to do that as well.”

“These cars will be cars that they can recognize from back in their time and there will be new cars that they’ve never seen before and we’ve had some of the folks with muscle cars who have family members in those homes so they can see those cars too.”

In a normal year, Carter says they usually park in the lodges parking lot so they can have coffee with seniors while looking at the vehicles. She adds they are hoping to carry out with coffee and cars once restrictions allow.

“They (seniors) would prefer to go out and talk to us and visit and look at the cars to have that hands-on experience, but we just aren’t able to provide for that now.”

Carter says the car events are just as much for the owners as they are for the seniors as they have been patiently waiting to get out and engage with the community.

“We’re itching to get out and see each other again, it’s been a long winter so this is something we can do to get out and be a part of our community again.”

The cars will be leaving the former Sears parking lot at 9:45 a.m. sharp on Sunday, with the second meeting point leaving True North Truck Wash at 11 a.m. and the final cruise meet up leaving the Giant Beaver at 1:15 p.m. on Sunday.

Carter says anyone is welcome to join in the muscle car parade. Maps will be at each meet-up spot for anyone wanting to follow along.