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Catalytic converter theft remains concerning trend for RCMP

Following the theft of a pair of catalytic converters from a construction site in Fox Creek, the RCMP in Grande Prairie is offering up some tips to residents to try to turn around what they call a concerning crime trend in the region.

Grande Prairie RCMP Sergeant Shawn Graham says two major contributing factors that could help keep property safe include thinking about where a vehicle is parked, how a criminal could gain access to it, and are there ways to potentially add what police call environmental barriers, especially when it comes to commercial vehicle fleets.

“It’s predominantly a crime of opportunity, so if the vehicle is left unsecured, or is easily accessible by the offender… so things like parking in a well-lit area, close to building entrances if possible, or park inside a garage,” he says.

“Behind fences or inside a locked building, and make sure they have surveillance on-site, so if something should happen there is something that there is something able to assist with the investigation.”

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Sergeant Graham adds as thieves are likely to absolutely anything they can to steal property, they’re continuing to call on the community to be their eyes and ears in neighbourhoods across Grande Prairie.

“Calling in when you see something that is suspicious, so we can go there, don’t just assume someone else is calling,” he says.

“People can assist us with that by calling us and saying this is going on, and we can investigate it, but if people aren’t calling us it makes it more difficult for us to send that information out.”

Catalytic converters contain incredibly valuable metals, including platinum, rhodium, and palladium.

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