Masks still mandatory in Grande Prairie after municipal mandate expiration

Non-medical masks (Erica Fisher, staff
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Nothing has changed in the city when it comes to mandatory face coverings. Even though the City of Grande Prairie allowed its municipal mask bylaw to expire as of the end of January, the provincial one remains in effect.

Mayor Jackie Clayton says city councillors removed the municipal bylaw as they felt it was redundant but it could be brought back in the future. She adds they have faith that residents will continue to do their best when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

“The expectation is that people will still socially distance and use proper COVID-19 guidelines to keep safe.”

Bylaw C-1426, which was originally enacted in October 2020, mandated the use of face masks or coverings inside public buildings, with som exceptions. It was approved =in September 2020, with a trigger that activated it when 100 active cases were reported between the City and County of Grande Prairie.

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