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Local high school student happy with diploma exam weight change

Changes to the weight of provincial diploma exams are getting the thumbs up from a local member of the Alberta Minister of Education s Student Advisory Council.

Blaine Badiuk is in grade 11 at Charles Spencer High School, but is already taking two 30 level courses.

He says he’s relieved to know his exams will only be worth 30 per cent of his grade next year.

“I get to experience both the very stressful situation and the still stressful but definitely less [stressful situation]. I can see the stress on these grade 12s every day; the week before diplomas is dreadful for them.”

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Badiuk believes the work that’s done in the classroom should count for more, and having it be worth 70 per cent of a grade will ensure students work harder year round.
However, he argues it’s just the first step towards better student assessments as multiple choice tests don’t properly show how much a student knows.
“We need to move forward to a form of assessment and a form of grading that truly reflects a student. A per cent grade is not a true representation of what the student knows, as its a very arbitrary number; it shows how many questions you got right, not what concepts you understand.”
Badiuk also hopes that in the future, students can get more detailed results of their tests, so they can see where they need more work.

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