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Sexsmith Mayor thrilled with Clayton mayoral appointment

Sexsmith Mayor Kate Potter is thrilled for her new counterpart in Grande Prairie and believes Interim Mayor Jackie Clayton will bring a lot of good to the table.

“I’m really thankful for having other strong female leaders in our region, and I’m thankful that people are willing to step up and lead,” she says.

Potter, much like Clayton, holds the distinction of being the first woman to hold the title of Mayor in her municipality, and she says that while the tidbit tends to stay with you, it doesn’t change the job ahead.

“Really the most important thing is staying true to what is important to you, and taking encouragement, the example of those who have come before you,” she says.

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“I’m always excited to see people take on good leadership roles, and when you have someone dedicated like Jackie is, it’s a win for the whole region.”

Potter adds while they have had less than a half a dozen female councillors in the history of the Town of Sexsmith, the idea that three leaders within the Grande Prairie region are women, should be a motivator for others who look to enter politics. She says the 2021 municipal elections could provide a great opportunity.

“I’ve chatted with a few others, and we’ve had some run in the past couple of years that I’m hoping will run again or new ones will come forward who want to see that perspective brought,” she says.

Jackie Clayton was appointed as Chief Elected Official and Mayor on Monday after a unanimous vote during a special meeting of city council.

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