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City advising drivers to slow down during winter season

Joking that he sounds like a broken record, Enforcement Services’ Sergeant Ross Gear is reminding drivers to slow down on the roads. Winter driving is also the focus of the city’s Selected Traffic Enforcement Program throughout the month of December.

Gear says this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody, as driving conditions can become particularly hazardous during this time of the year.

“We have a little bit of snow and of course we’re going to get more throughout the winter and it’s probably going to get a little colder so we just want everybody to be prepared,” he says.

Among his tips for driving safely on winter roads, Gear recommends starting a vehicle early and giving it enough time to warm up and clear the frost off the windows.

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“Clean the snow off so your lights can be seen. You want to be able to have good lighting in these low light conditions. You get into the middle of December and it gets pretty dark in the evening so you want to have your lights on,” he adds. “Turn your lights on, slow down, give yourself lots of time. I really know how critical it is for stopping distances and just for overall safety.”

Gear says keeping a vehicle well-stocked with extra materials and equipment can also make a huge difference during the winter. This can include keeping extra clothes, blankets, a shovel, road flares, and rations on hand. he says these are particularly helpful when you know you’re going on a long trip.

“The unexpected can happen and if it does, be prepared to stay there for a little while until help arrives and make sure you protect yourself.”

Overall, Gear adds, one of the best things to do to prepare for the snow and ice is to have proper winter tires installed on a vehicle.

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