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Downtown Association says local businesses prepared for mask use mandate

The head of the Downtown Association says local businesses were prepared for the mandatory mask use bylaw to take effect long before the trigger was pulled. Executive Director Wendy Bosch says many businesses prior to the activation had already put up signage asking customers to wear masks and respect social distancing requirements, so the mandate isn’t much of a change.

“There [are] a few that didn’t and will have to change through this bylaw but I don’t think it’s something that’s unusual to the public at this point,” she says. “They’re there to do business, they’re not there to be abused by anybody. None of us have walked into this situation with any background or knowledge or crystal ball of what the future is going to hold.”

Bosch adds in order to avoid further regressions and implemented public health measures, people are going to have to work together and be kind to each other.

“In the interest of public safety, we have to all do our part. Nobody wants to see another lockdown, ever.”

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“Already, other parts of the province are going down to reduced numbers for get-togethers. It is a fact, if our numbers keep rising, consequences will be given to us as well just like they are given to Edmonton and Calgary.”

Businesses are also now required to have posted a sign, or signs clearly visible that indicate to the public the mask use mandate while inside their establishment. A business could be fined up to $200 for non-compliance with the bylaw. If a customer refuses to mask up, they could be fined $100 for the same infraction.

The bylaw came into effect on Monday.

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